Our friend Adele Austin is a photographer from Brooklyn, who talks like a rapper and takes nice photos. We picked out a few of our favourite’s and got her to talk about them.

Some guy named Bob Foster had a party for his birthday and there were loads of skate kids everywhere;  turnt up. I remember my Barbour pin got stolen that night. At least I think it did. This is everything I see when I think of London, but in the best way.

If I can tell you anything about the Puerto Rican girls I know, it’s that they roll the nicest doobs to get you throwed. Shoutout to Destiny.

This is Tschaba tagging a rooftop in Brooklyn last summer. She was drawing my phone screensaver at the time. And she nailed it!

My grandma is really religious and she has crosses all over her house. All she watches on TV is AMC movies and church masses. I love her.

Double bags at the spot luggage in the place/Louis V on deck, luggage on my waist (OJ – Young Jeezy).

Vyron Turner aka Left Brain aka The Scottie Pippen looking ass nigga with a kool-aid smile. I remember this one too well, because Tyler broke my foot jumping in a mosh pit 5 minutes later.  I couldn’t walk for 2 days after that. Good times.

- Adele Austin

Date: 03/04/2012

Author: pretty real


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