A bunch of new stuff to wear and a card that helps you bring dead TV stars back to life.

When we first opened up our Poop Up Store, we threw two t-shirts and some baby tears in there and the entire internet shut down. When it finally came back on, they were all sold out. Now it’s time for the 2nd drop and we’ve got some great stuff for all you lucky people on the internet.


While Drake does silly stuff like getting Aaliyah’s face drawn all over his body and R Kelly turns into a hermit who hangs out in the woods and writes books, A TEENAGE LOVE captures everything that was great about our favourite 90’s R&B power couple, R kells & Baby Girl.


Have you ever been to Cali? The weed is sticky green and the women do housework in their underwear, apparently. This extra aspirational CALI LIVIN tee is like a wearable version of the self help book The Secret.  If you wear it for long enough, something good’s bound to happen.


Once upon a time, there was nothing you could do if your favourite TV character was murdered, died from natural causes or got run over by a bus. Our revolutionary Kelly Bundy Ouija board trading card gives you a 9/10 chance of bringing them back from the clutches of death. Wanna see Lassie wagging his little puppy dog tail again? Miss Pat Butcher from Eastenders? Then fear not, the Kelly Bundy Ouija Board is here – and it fits right in your pocket!

Other Ouija Board products have been known to cast curses on households and accidentally awaken tortured souls(oops!), but the KB Ouija board comes with a certified mean-spirt-free promise.

NOTE: This product has no affiliation with Satan, demons, hell, Lucifer or fire.


Date: 09/08/2012

Author: pretty real


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