We found out exactly what it is that white girls like about black guys.


PRETTY REAL: You only sleep with black guys, right? Whats up with that.
It’s just my preference, I’ve been into black guys for a while.

What is it about them that does it for you?
I’m not sure, it’s hard to actually put it into words. They just have a confidence about them.  There’s a feeling you get when you’re with a black man that you don’t get with any other race.

What feeling is that?
Security, I guess.

Have you dated other races?
Yes, a few. I’ve been with white guys, Indians and a Filipino.

How did that work out for you?
It was ok.  I was in love with the filipino guy – he broke my heart, actually.  I don’t have anything against any other race, I think they’re all beautiful.  All of Gods children are beautiful!

Exactly.  But, in your eyes, black children are more beautiful than the pink and yellow ones?
Well, firstly, I’ve never seen anyone that looks pink or yellow, but I’ll explain it like this: not everyone who goes to Mc Donalds is gonna like Big Macs.  Some people are gonna be into Chicken Nuggets and others are gonna like Quarter Pounders. Then there’s some weirdos who only like fries.  There’s nothing wrong with liking one type of food over another, we all have different taste buds.

So my penis and  your vagina are like giant taste buds?
Yeah, kinda.

When did you first get into black guys?
I always found them attractive, but I didn’t have much interaction with black people until I moved to London.  I’d see them on TV and they’d intrigue me, but I grew up in  Yorkshire, so black guys were quite hard to come buy.

What would you say the main difference is between black guys and white guys?
Well, I cant speak for everyone, but the black guys I’ve dated have had more attitude and have been a bit more aggressive.  I also prefer the way the dress.  But, before I start getting called a wigger, I think all people are equal; there’s different types within every race.  I’m sure there’s a white guy out there with just as much, if not more attitude and style than the black guy I’m with now. I just think that life would be boring if we all had to stick to our own races.

You mentioned the word wigger, do you get called that a lot?
Not really, but I see the way black girls look at me: they look at my man and look at the way I’m dressed, they see my hair and think I’m trying to be black.

What does your hair look like?
Well it’s quite short, my friend calls it a ‘Brixton bob’.   I’ve got it shaved on one side.  Im going to my partners barbershop tomorrow to get some patterns shaved in the side.

Cool! What you thinking of getting?
I’m not sure yet.  I’m gonna have a look on the internet today, maybe I can find some inspiration.

Is it true what they say about black guys?
What, that they’re good in bed? Well, based on my personal experience, black guys have more energy and imagination than other races.  And they last longer.  White guys are generous lovers, but they’re also quite cut & dry.  Really straight to the point, ya get me?

I get ya. Well, thanks for your time, and good luck with the hair thing.

- Donald Crunk


Date: 04/07/2012

Author: pretty real


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